The main difference with the team here at Motocraft is that we want to try to encourage riders of all levels to join us and explore their potential as well as that of their machines. We endeavor to do this by providing a safe race track environment that features COACHING and FEEDBACK. The knowledge and skills that we aim to give the riders who attend our events will not only make for a faster lap time but also make for a safer and more skillful motorcyclist. At the other end of the spectrum we will also cater for the seasoned professional who just wants to chase that illusive lap-time on an uncrowded racetrack


Our company, Motocraft, was born of the passion of two track addicts; Paul Creevey and Glen Cowan. Paul is a motorcycle racer and he also works with Mondello Park. He has also been known to dabble in Firefighting and Advanced Paramedicine with Dublin Fire Brigade as well as a proud member of the MCI Motorcycle Medical Team in his spare time.

We registered Motocraft Ltd. in April 2016. Between the team we have over 100 years of experience of crack riding including at European track events.

What drew us to the European circuits was, unsurprisingly, riding our motorcycles on track and in the sun. These are, very much, two of our two favourite things. When we got the opportunity to put Motocraft together we jumped at the chance.

Our inspiration to become the first Irish company to venture into organising European track experiences was to provide the opportunity for riders to explore their motorcycle riding potential in the safety of a circuit. Add warm dry weather and a structured method of reinforcing feedback from our experienced coaching team and we think we have a winning formula. We think you’ll agree.

Fulfilling our mission to you, our client, is made possible by us communicating our coaching goals effectively, being reliable and consistent in what we do. Our coaching structure is designed to give you the most useful feedback and consolidate learning into superior motorcycling. We have designed the event to offer you the maximum circuit exposure. Above all we’re passionate about motorcycles and motorcycling!


Our mission is simple, to provide :

  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Maximum circuit exposure
  • Structure
  • Feedback
  • Consolidation

Fulfilling our mission to you, our client, is our number one goal and the team we have brought together are extremely focused, hard-working, inspiring and above all, passionate about motorcycles!

Recognized experts state: "... being more aware of your limits and the motorcycle potential, facilitates safer riding in less aggressive environments like the road"


Motocraft ltd are proud to be fully insured providers of exclusive race circuit experiences to motorcycle enthusiasts.