Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get my bike and kit to Spain?

A. We pick up your motorcycle and equipment from one of our pick-up locations in Ireland, Cork* or Dublin, and deliver it to the circuit in Spain. We’ve built special metal cases called ‘stillages’ that have been built to carry motorcycles. There will be a small amount of space for extras such as a spare set of tyres. Motocraft Stillage Loading

*€75 e/w pick-up/delivery and bike packing/unpacking charge extra


Q. When are the bikes loaded for the trip?

A: You deliver and pack your bike 7-10 days before we are on track at: TIME TO BE ANNOUNCED


  • The scheduled date for drop-off is will be around 7 days after the event


Q. What airport should I fly into and what dates should I fly?

A. We are flying into Malaga on Sunday 26th and home on thursday 30th May


Q. What hotel are we staying in?

A. The hotel details will be released as soon as finalised. Two people per room. Extra nights and single room requests are available on request. Please contact us.


Q. How does the Optional Coaching work?

A. Motocraft coaches work in every group. These coaches provide coaching during the afternoon of day one and All day two. Day three is where you get to work on your development. 

Each rider is designated sessions for assessment with a video debrief. As a rider you’ll be given specific objectives to build on. These depend on your requirements as identified by your coach.

It is very important to note that all riders are free to use their on track time as they would normally expect at a trackday. There will be no sighting laps after first lap of each day.

Check out what Alan, Brendan and Mark have to say about the Coaching Programme


Q. I ride a standard Suzuki GSXR 1000 RR. Will the bike be up to the job as the circuit looks fast?

A. That’s the first time we’ve ever been asked if a Gixxer is fast enough for anything! Yes is the very short answer. As part of the service we offer, your bike will be scheduled for suspension assessment during your off-track time. Setting your bike up properly makes a huge difference when it comes to ‘getting the job done’. This is just one of the extras that we offer at no additional cost.

Q. How much time will I get on the track?

A. There are 3 groups per day. With 20 minutes in each session and an average of 7 sessions per day, that means up to a staggering SEVEN hours on the track! 

Q. Will the track be busy? I’ve taken part in trackdays where there were, frankly, too many bikes on the track and it made for a very unpleasant experience.

A. We hear you! The groups are extremely well managed to maximise space in each group.

Q. I’ve been racing here for a number of years. While I appreciate the offer of coaching, I’m not too sure I’ll need it. Is it compulsory?

A. Of course not! Riders need not avail of the suspension set up or coaching, however, I have yet to meet anyone who does not benifit from some critique. 

Q. Who decides which group I ride in?

A. Your lap times are the only things which will determine which group you ride in as the event progresses. 


Q. I have a few bits and pieces such that I usually use in the pit lane garage. Can I bring them with me?

A. Space is limited. You can only bring what you can fit in the stillage.


Q. I’ve never done a trackday before. Is this a good place to start?

A. If you have never been on track before, we’d strongly advise you contact Mondello to organise either a trackday or a track training day. This will give you some idea of what to expect and will really help you to get the most out of your experience. However, we would bet delighted if you decide to explore your first tract experience with us!


Q. Do I get  refund if I am unable or decide not to go?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds, however, we will accept a name change at no additional cost or if we can sell your place, we will refund you all monies over the deposit.

Q. What tyres should I use?

We recommend track orientated tyres. See what James Ging has to in our


Q. Will it rain? Should I bring rain tyres?

A. We cannot predict the weather, however, we normally choose circuits in warm, dry climates and we strategically select times of the year to maximise dry weather. Saying that, just because it rains does not mean you cant have fun - this is where you will find you will learn the most according to Alan O'Connor!

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